AT&T Chronic Issues Specialist in Brno, Czech Republic

Chronic specialist is Tier 3 role responsible to resolve Chronic Network problems. This role address cases where repeated issues are seen on customer network. Chronic specialist goes beyond standard incident management and address underlined issues. He/she will have to work with other technical teams, customers and providers and will take a lead for Problem resolution.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Take ownership for chronic problems. And drive them into resolution.

• Apply deep technical knowledge to identify underlined issues.

• Consolidate information from all available sources.

• Co-ordinate effort of other involved parties during Problem resolution

• Support connected teams with technical expertise.

Key Competencies and Skills:

• At least CCNP certification

• Very good understanding of Problem management.

• Deep understanding and practical knowledge about different Physical-Medias layer in Electrical TDM (DS0, DS1, DS3), Optical (SDH, SONET), Radio-Link; Wi-Fi, WiMAX and satellite is a plus.

• Deep understanding and practical knowledge about different Layer 2 transport protocols (ATM, Frame-Relay, HDLC, PPP, Ethernet)

• Good understanding and practical knowledge about Layer3 configuration, TCP/IP routing, switching/bridging and AT&T tools for troubleshooting and isolation.

• Ability to efficiently resolve customer’s problems and escalate when required.

• Must be able to communicate effectively with the team, corporate customers of different technical expertise and all levels of management

• Professionalism at all times, assertiveness and accountability, good timekeeping, flexibility

• Ability to work well under pressure, set priorities and comfortable making decisions

• Drive enthusiasm, initiative, commitment and self-motivation, respect for colleagues, desire to learn

• Job requiring a strong aptitude on self-judgment, leading, sharing knowledge, capacity to anticipate and push limits back.