AT&T Network Service Specialist in Brno, Czech Republic

The Network Service Specialist provides support to AT&T vendors working in the filed on cell sites, RAN support.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Create tickets and document all vendor activity into the internal NFSD system.

  • Run pre and post health checks for all equipment co-located at a cell site.

  • Work with AOTS-CTS system to suppress alarms on sites during the planned maintenance work.

  • Lock and unlock technology (radios etc.) on both UMTS and LTE.

  • Troubleshoot any new alarms created by vendors while working on a cell site.

  • Close cooperation with other AT&T departments

Key Competencies and Skills:

Fluent in spoken and written English.

Basic networking.

RAN experience is an advantage.

Knowledge of 2G, UMTS and LTE is an advantage.

CCNA is an advantage.

Education and Qualifications:

College degree preferred

Additional Information:

24/7 support team, 3 shift model, regular night and weekend shifts.